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I spent only half a day in Zadar, a small coastal town in Croatia’s Dalmatia region. In my research, the town had stood out as a hot spot to visit, so I felt like I couldn’t miss it. It was charming indeed, and I enjoyed my time, but there was not much happening during the night and morning I spent there. The main draw of the little city are the island tours that disembark from Zadar’s ports, but those tours, predictably, were not running in February.

So, I did what I could, which, with museums closing early and opening late, wasn’t much. But the streets were quiet and full of character, and walks by the sea were most relaxing and lovely.

The highlight was the Sea Organ located at the corner of the Old Town, which is played by waves of the sea entering and exiting chambers constructed under the boardwalk. It makes a pretty cool effect, especially at high tide, when the waves are more frequent and powerful. I tried to upload some videos of the Organ to several different sites so you all could hear the mystical sounds, but the files were too small to be viable. Bummer! And I really tried damn hard!

The Greeting to the Sun, a solar-powered light display, was also interesting, though not quite as impressive due to the cloudy day.

Check out some photos, and a couple videos featuring the sounds of the Sea Organ!


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