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Hope and Chaos: Gezi Aftermath

Today I made my way to Taksim Square and Gezi Park. It’s been a couple days since the protests have flared up, and I figured it was safe to venture to the place where it all began. I met up with my friend Meg for lunch, and then we wandered around the sites for a couple hours, snapping pictures and observing the various changes that had taken place since Friday. Some of it was pretty damn ugly – graffiti was sprayed everywhere, cars and construction equipment were smashed to pieces or burned to ashes, and many areas we passed reeked of urine. Amongst all of that, though, there was some beauty too – peaceful protestors had once again congregated in the park, where they camped, read, played music, danced, and gifted free food and drink to fellow participants.

Turkey’s protests are still in international news, and I’m still getting emails from my embassy warning me about the demonstrations. It’s possible that things will devolve into violence and senseless vandalism as they did before (and as they still are, I believe, in other parts of the country), but the presence in the park today and around Taksim Square was very much a pleasant one, and it was good to see that, for the moment, all of this appears to have made some difference and that the purpose seems to have returned to its original peaceful methods. I loved being able to actually witness what I’d heard so much about, and I was able to enjoy the experience without feeling like I was in danger.

The gallery below has over 100 photos, so it might take some time to load and look through. It’s a good one, though, and I think it gives a pretty good idea of how things began, escalated, exploded, and are now (hopefully) healing. Check it out!


3 thoughts on “Hope and Chaos: Gezi Aftermath

  1. PBS news has been showing the riots more than the commercial stations. You have done the best as an ordinary person. Tell us more about the regular life, new/old foods, cooking conditions, sounds. What might surprise us and what might we truly appreciate. For example your comment about the watermelon–also what turn us off. Good luck on those many jobs. Had lots of rain here but no storms.

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