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I had the good fortune of being able to spend Christmas in Italy with my sister, Amy, who met me there after her fabulous semester in Dublin, Ireland. It was hard being away from home during the holidays, but I’m certain I couldn’t have chosen a better alternative!

Below are some photos from our time in Florence, where we spent Christmas Day before heading off to Rome. We also spent some time in Venice, but I have quite a bit more selecting to do before I post that gallery! In the meantime, here’s our holiday adventure in Firenze, the magical, artistic, and beautiful cradle of the Renaissance! We started with a trip to Michelangelo Hill.

Our second day was spent in the famous Uffizi Galleries, full of Renaissance art. We saw many interesting works, but, of course, couldn’t take photos. Then it was off to the Duomo, a gorgeous cathedral in the center of the city. Of course, we were met with more stairs!

The next day was Christmas Day. Most museums and shops were closed, so we spent a lot of the day in our room, feasting and relaxing and Skyping our loved ones. We took a walk to the train station to buy our tickets to Rome, and I managed to make it out for an evening walk. It was a merry day, indeed!

Rome and Venice will be uploaded soon! But for now, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow I rise bright and early for a week in Croatia! Hopefully those photos will be presented in a more timely manner! In the meantime, all my love!


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