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Blarney Castle

One of our first stops was at the Blarney Castle near the city of Cork. This particular castle is known for the famous stone that supposedly grants you a magical way with words if you kiss it. I myself haven’t noticed much of a difference since delivering my smooch, but, then again, I’m pretty eloquent and articulate to begin with, so perhaps there wasn’t much upon which to improve! :)

The castle itself seemed pretty standard, but there were nice views of the countryside from the top, and there were many things to see on the property, including a poison garden and some nice forest trails with some fantastic ferns, fungi, and flowers. It was certainly a day well-spent, so check it out!


One thought on “Blarney Castle

  1. Ah, ’tis a bit of the cool and damp here this mornin’ in the township of West Chester, a perfect day to relive our adventures at Blarney and the kissin’ of the Stone of Eloquence. Some mighty fine photos of ferns and fungi as well! I’ll be lookin’ forward to hearin’ more about our travels, and enjoyin’ the occasional hot whiskey as we head through the fall and winter months. And then maybe I’ll stop talkin’ like this!

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