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Cappadocia, Part 2

The gallery here documents the second half of my Cappadocia tours, and the final day of my holiday around Turkey. It was a bittersweet finale: the tour, of course, was fantastic, and while part of me was sad to leave my solo-nomad ways behind, another part of me was definitely ready to get back to Istanbul – to sleep in my own bed, be in a familiar area, see my cat, and see my friends. Before I could get there, though, there was a full day of touring ahead of me, not to mention a lengthy and trying overnight bus ride.

My last day was awesome, though, and full of more fairy chimneys and kooky rock formations, plus some gorgeous ceramics and a pottery kebab! The proof, as usual, is in the photos, so enjoy the last colorful chapter of my vacation. I’ve been pretty busy exploring and working since returning, but I’ll be back soon with some updates on life back in Istanbul. In the meantime, all my love!


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