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Site Updates!

Hello to my loyal readers! If you’ve checked up on the blog over the past day or so, you’ve likely noticed some changes to the site since my last post. But don’t panic! You’re still where you should be – things just look a little different. You see, in addition to posting all about my recent holiday, I’ve been working hard to make this blog a better organized and more visually stimulating experience, not to mention wracking my brain trying to think of a new and better name!

Here’s the low down on the changes:

1. More color! The old all-white background started to look a little too clean-cut and formal for my tastes, and while the theme remains the same in terms of simplicity and navigation, I think the new colorful approach brings out a little more of my personality and, hopefully, makes it more fun for you too!

2. New slider! Beneath the site title is a new rotating slider featuring posts that you can’t miss. The latest posts are still listed beneath it in publishing order, but, in case it’s been a while, or if it’s your first time visiting gogoroo, the posts in the slider will give you a good idea of what I’ve been up to what moments have been the most important to me during my time abroad.

3. New name! Probably the most important change is my recent purchase of a domain name for the site. I brainstormed for long, long hours trying to think of something fun, catchy, and related to travel (not an easy task, you’ll find!). In the end, I came up with gogoroo, which is partly a play on “kangaroo” and partly inspired by a new, fuzzy addition to my life. And don’t worry: you can still access the page from the old address, and the magical internets will simply redirect you to the new gogoroo!

See? Not so scary. Same great content with a fresh new look! Let me know what you think in the comments, and, as always, all my love!


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