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To the Sea!

My posts are falling a couple days behind, and I’m going to go ahead and blame WordPress’ new uploading system. To say it functions at a snail’s pace would be generous.

But I shall overcome. Yagmur and I spent an afternoon down by the Bosphorus, walking, chatting, and enjoying the sunshine and sea air. We started in an area closer to the city attractions, but it was pretty crowded, so we took a bus down the shore to an area called Bebek, which is known for its old money, nightclubs, yachts, trendy restaurants, and celebrity sightings. It really was a beautiful day, and it was nice to see a place so clean and quiet so close to the city. It felt like a summer getaway, full of water and rich people!

I’ll let the photos do the talking, and I’ll have another post or two coming up soon!


One thought on “To the Sea!

  1. Sara, the pictures and your descriptions of the country are something I would have not imagined on my own. Thank you for sharing your journey. Stay safe and well. Bev from Casper

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